AASMAAN Foundation in the year 2016 extended it's operations in the city of Bangalore for the development of the society where the lesser privileged children can prosper.

AASMAAN Foundation through it's brigade in Bangalore have started spreading kindness not only amongst the youth but also to the other sections of the society.

Let's Go Shopping 3.0

In 2018, AASMAAN Foundation organized the Let's Go Shopping event for the third time in Bangalore impacting over 400 children.

Let's Go Shopping

Impacting more than 1500 children through the event of LGS, AASMAAN has successfully organized four LGS events in Bangalore.

Kids Day Out

AASMAAN has always believed in giving external exposure to the children and with that very purpose the children are taken out for various learning activities. 

Eye Checkup

AASMAAN had organized an eye checkup camp and with help of it, it could rectify the vision of certain children who had vision problems.